Scott Ferguson (b. 1989, Glasgow, Scotland) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His work discusses our current relationships to technology and media through the re-fabrication and deconstruction of instruments, television, sound and objects. Since 2012, he has been an active member of the Flinching Eye Collective whose work explores the possibilities of sound and performance. 


School of Visual Arts                          MFA Fine Arts - 2017

University of Colorado Boulder           BFA Interdisciplinary Media Art Practices - 2013



Nes Artist Residency - Skagaströnd, Iceland 


The Idea Fund - Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts 



Counter-Ambience (with Flinching Eye Collective) - Utah Museum of Contemporary Art - Salt Lake City, Utah

How to Measure the Weather - Emmanuel Gallery - Denver, Colorado 

Lounge Corp x Psychic Jacuzzi - Instagram Based Show, February 2018 


Cool For the Summer - John Doe - Brooklyn, NY

Cognitive Dissonance SVA MFA Fine Arts Thesis Show - Ray Smith Studio - Brooklyn, NY

Appropriate Behavior - Cluster Gallery - Brooklyn, NY

In Plain Sight - Space Heater - Brooklyn, NY


MediaLive - Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art/Atlas Institute - Boulder, CO

Lounge Corp - Satellite Art Show - Miami, FL

The Secret The Shape of Destiny - SVA VCS Gallery - New York, NY

Switch it On - SVA MA Curatorial Practice Project Space - New York, NY

The Swimmers -  site specific sound installation - Brooklyn, NY


Biennial of the Americas - Denver, Colorado

Lounge Corp - Lounge Corporation - Brooklyn, NY


Flinching Eye Collective Abberation Tour:

                           Church of the Friendly Ghost: Salvage Vanguard Theatre - Austin, Texas

                           CentralTrak - Dallas, Texas

                           Nicole Longnecker Gallery - Houston, Texas

USA Prochallenge Bike Art - Denver International Airport - Denver, Colorado

Curents New Media Festival - El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Then and now and then - David B Smith Gallery - Denver, Colorado 

Intersections - Redline - Denver, Colorado


Multicultural Sound: After John Cage - The Cave Artisana, Diyar Art Center - Bethlehem, Palestine

Flinching Eye Collective Lossy Tour :

                          Squeaky Wheel - Buffalo, New York

                          Vox Populi - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   

                          Silent Barn - Brooklyn, New York

                           AS220 - Providence, Rhode Island    

Pay no Mind to the Ceiling - University of Colorado Art Museum - Boulder, Colorado  

Digital Artifacts - University of Colorado Natural History Museum - Boulder, Colorado      

Untitled Performance Night - Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art             



Flinching Eye Collective Atemporal Radio Tour :                                                                     

                                         High Mayhem Gallery - Santa Fe, New Mexico

                                         Tucson Museum of Contemporary Art - Tucson, Arizona

                                         Nox Contemporary - Salt Lake City, Utah 

Automatica - Black Box Theatre - Boulder, Colorado                                                         

Untitled Performance Night - GNU Gallery - Fort Collins, Colorado  

Chai(2sio)trope - Black Box Theatre - Boulder, Colorado

Handmade and Bound - Nashvile, Tennessee 

Autogenisis - Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art - Boulder, Colorado

Invasion 2012 - Black Box Theatre - Boulder, Colorado 

Selected Publications


Arts and Culture Texas - 16 Standouts of The Fall 2014 Season

Arts and Culture Texas - Currents New Media Festival 2014

Denver Post - Bike Art Wheels into DIA for USA Pro Challenge

Arts and Culture Texas - Flinching Eye Collective Tours Texas


INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media, Issue 4, edited by Brett Kashmere, Contributing Essay "Atemporal Radio Tour: A Travelling Sound Performance"


Zocalo Magazine, Tucson, Arizona